Transformation happens together

Their hardship is unique but their humanity isn’t. Together, we transform the lives of migrants who must wait years in an overwhelmed immigration system.

We provide safety, guidance, and opportunity.


Staff and volunteers provide essentials, and ensure migrants seeking safehaven under U.S. law have a warm bed in a safe location.

We provide safety and resources to counter fear and insecurity.


After lawful processing, we offer migrants destination counseling and free transportation to jurisdictions where they can live with dignity.

Our guidance enables brave migrants to live with confidence and pride, out of the shadows.


We facilitate access to free legal care, living assistance, and work authorization.

We enable independence and success; to the benefit of asylees and the communities they live in.

Transformation happens together.

Ayúdame Nonprofit is on the front lines providing post-processing support and guidance to indigent migrants. Join our mission to change lives.

Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or join us as a Mission Ambassador, you can make a true and lasting difference in the world.

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Why this work is so important and transformational for all

Most people don’t know that a migrant seeking asylum must do so from within the United States, either at a port of entry or otherwise. However, by following the lawful procedure and arriving in America without a visa (there is no asylum visa), the individual seeking refuge under U.S. law is subject to arrest and indefinite detention. Most migrants qualify for release, which just means they are given a date to appear in immigration court in three (3) to four (4) years. Upon release, they are given no guidance, no work authorization, no aid, and no direction.

Without the means to survive during the years-long wait to make their case for asylum, migrants are faced with few options and end up in the most vulnerable of circumstances. Ayúdame Nonprofit provides options and opportunity. We help migrants and American communities by charting a better path forward, one not made available through the current system. 

Safety We Provide

  • Food, water, and first-aid kits
  • Access to shelter

Guidance We Provide

  • Legal and personal counseling
  • Destination guidance, including education about jurisdictions and communities where migrants can live with pride
  • Free transportation
  • Introduction to nonprofit partners and access to resources

Opportunity We Provide


  • To provide for their family
  • To become part of a community and thrive within the American culture
  • To be informed about available resources
  • To access a pathway to success

How You Can Help


Your generosity makes our work possible. When you make a donation, every penny goes to strengthening our work. We are an Arizona Nonprofit entity committed to making every dollar count.

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