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What we Do

A Better Way Forward.

We are uniquely positioned to create better outcomes for migrants and American communities. A win-win for everyone and a better way forward are possible through Ayúdame Nonprofit’s two-step program.

Step #1:

Destination Counseling

We meet migrants where they are to explain one critical truth:

Where you choose to sojourn can mean the difference between:

  • life versus death;
  • subsisting versus thriving; and
  • shame versus dignity.

Each state has different laws and different values based on the voice of its citizens. This means migrants have differential access to benefits in different states: Ayúdame Nonprofit ensures that migrants know their options.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, we support the bussing initiatives of Texas, Arizona, and Florida. Politics aside, migrants are better off where they are welcomed and resources are available to care for them.

Download our Comparative Rights Chart to see the difference in migrant rights between different states in the U.S.

Step #2:

Resource Referral Network

Our Resource Referral Network connects migrants with our nationwide network of nonprofit partners who were built to provide resources to migrants in need.

Our network of nonprofit partners facilitate access to existing state-based resources, including food, shelter, healthcare, education, financial aid, pro bono legal services, and more.

How You Can Help


Your generosity makes our work possible. When you make a donation, every penny goes to strengthening our work. We are an Arizona Nonprofit entity committed to making every dollar count.

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